Saturday, May 31, 2014

feeling froggy...

taken at the grocery store - January 2014

Frogs are fascinating critters and it's alarming to learn that their populations are dwindling (as are bees and probably lots of other things I haven't heard about yet)!  

I follow Save the Frogs on Facebook
 and try to keep up with what this organization is doing to help save frogs.

My dilemma...
there's a BUFO toad living in my backyard...and they're poisonous.
Enter my overly curious dachshund and we have a to Save the Toad
and keep my K9 alive.

After searching for information about the Bufo Toad online, the solution that was repeated 
most often was to catch the toad (WARNING: what they excrete is also toxic to humans),
place in a box and put in the freezer for 3 days.  Try looking them up and see what you
find...I'd love to hear a better solution.

Meanwhile my K9 counterpart Baron has already had one run in with the BUFO, this was
in the dark, after a rain and he apparently had it in his mouth before I even 
realized there was something there.

I saw him shaking his head back and forth and thought maybe he'd caught a lizard,
brought him in and feed him and he threw doubt that saved his life.
Because I, in my ignorance, didn't have a clue UNTIL I looked up frogs on the internet
and finally discovered the poisonous toad. 

So now he stays on the leash all the time and I carry a flashlight after dark,
try this when it's raining...lurching dachshund on leash, flashlight, umbrella...yikes!

Bufo Toad

The one I saw in the yard recently was similar in shape to this one
only darker.

This is Baron...
we wouldn't want anything to happen to that sweet face would we :)

Save the Frogs
a good thing
it's a 

happy weekend from,

Theanne and Baron

Note:  the Bufo Toad photo was found at Wikipedia and is in the Public Domain

the photograph of frog image on car and Baron are 
© Out Of My Mind Images and yayasnaps 2014 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

seeds ready to fly...

soon...all over the yard 

Baron and I do love our backyard...all the headaches that go with owning a house fade away when we're in the backyard!

dachshunds are born to bark...(at anything) :)

age comes to us all...and we throw up our arms and shriek...for all the good it does :)

enjoy your weekend,

Theanne and Baron

© yayasnaps 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

snapping frangipani...

the plumeria/frangipani in a previous post is from a friends yard, the above is from my yard (he shared a piece and I have it growing in a flower pot)

caught it one day after a rain :)

click to enlarge, so you can see the raindrops

Thursday, May 15, 2014

snapped 15 May 2014

Mom's Day flowers from the family!
plus the 2 salt and pepper dachshunds
 to the right of flowers :)

the "AUGUSTA BLOCK" and the flowers, etc. that follow
are from a trip to my hair stylist at The Hair Jungle :)

Plumeria aka Frangipani

happy Thursday,

Theanne and Baron

© yaya snaps 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

stopped by to say hi...

Been rather off of taking photos lately, don't know why exactly but every now and then I just like to look at things and take them into my mind without having to feel like I've got to take a picture of them.

I deleted my Tumblr account after they had some kind of security breach.  I rather like Tumblr, will possibly go back someday.  Still hanging on to Wordpress even though I haven't been over there in a while.

So what have I been doing, not much.  Housekeeping, taking care of Baron, reading the occasional book, watching Netflix, going to the occasional grandchild event, buying groceries, doctor appointments...time passes.  The big event(s) recently were the terminal on car battery corroding to the point that I couldn't start the car (yay AAA!) and Baron possibly biting a Bufo Toad (this happened today, took him to the vet this morning and so far he's OK!)

Had someone come out yesterday to give me an estimate on painting the exterior of the house, I'm still reeling from the amount it's going to cost to paint this little bitty house.  My budget says this will be the last of the house projects for biggie will be replacing the tile around the bathtub...oh my!  Maybe I'll save enough money for the tile project by next year :)

It's rainy and gray some golden sunflowers to brighten my day and yours :)