Saturday, September 10, 2016


on the back of leaves from Live Oak tree (in backyard)

found after a recent Tropical Storm passed by the gulf coast area where I live

this was the only branch I found that had the growths

if I had mega bucks I'd hire a "tree doctor" to look at the oak

for now we both just live in the minute


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  1. Those are quite strange. We have a different problem with our pecan trees, and can't fork over whatever for a tree doctor either. I hope someone has a solution for you. Maybe some kind of fungus or strange eggs? Have you tried to dissect one of them?

    1. No dissection yet :) I don't know what I'd do even if I had a solution...any treatment would mean someone going up in the tree...ladder, climbing, cherry picker. I'm certainly not going to be doing it :) What I really need is for someone to clean all the twigs off the roof...the last time it was done the house painter did it. He volunteered and I of course said "you betcha" :)