Thursday, December 7, 2017

breaking free...

An internet/Facebook friend has allowed me to use a photo she took, as my muse for this bit of fantasy.  

The 'moon' was lifted from a moon shot I took several years ago.

"To know is nothing at all;  to imagine is everything."  Anatole France

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  1. Love this Theanne, but I love all your work, it's exactly my cup of tea 😀 one blog is quite enough to manage, I know I couldn't do it, sometimes it's hard just keeping the one going 😀

  2. Always thankful for your're a treasure! Probably it will be more arty stuff than photos...doing my little colored pencil/watercolor doodles keeps my mind off the crap that going in this country. There's been a mind boggling amount of good and evil going on in this country since I was born. However, I did feel we'd made some progress on women's issues, race issues, etc. etc. etc. I knew a long time ago that a time was coming when the USA was going to have to pay the piper...we've arrived at that time. Hey! I might even throw some politics out there!