Sunday, December 10, 2017

this little Christmas ornament...

was bought in December 1981 for my darling DCC.  He traveled with his job and wasn't sure he'd be home at Christmas, this was just the right size to fit in his brief case and fly with him across the country and back again.  

Over the years Santa has lost his reins and the horses and wagon have been re-glued a few times.  They've made more moves with us than I am able to remember, without looking it up, and still, each Christmas, there they are to bring back the memories of 35 Christmases past.  

Thank you little Christmas ornament!

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  1. They are gorgeous Theanne. I have some small wooden Christmas ornaments very similar that have been hanging on my tree for just as many years. Today I wrapped two of them in bubble wrap and posted them over to my grandchildren in Sydney to hang on their tree. I remembered how much they enjoyed them when they were here last year ☺

    1. Thank you Grace. How lovely to pass on treasured Christmas ornaments to your grandchildren :)