Tuesday, April 24, 2018

almost the end of April 2018...

Baron, my furry companion, has turned 10 (born either the 2nd or 4th April 2008) and Out Of My Mind Images (created on Wordpress 3rd April 2013) is on the way out.  I no longer remember how many web sites and/or blogs I've created since 1997 when I created my very first one on AOL.  Perhaps this blogger/blogspot one, Yaya Snaps, will be the last :)

For Grace, I still, occasionally, find myself drawing an OOMMI and hope to continue as long as my eyesight and pencil lead hold out.  The problem is that I draw stuff and still take a photo every now and then but they rarely end up on this blog (or any other blog). 

Wishing any who turn up here a Happy May Day!

Theanne and Baron

'Tulips' water color on glossy photo paper 
© 2015-2018 Yaya Snaps


  1. Hi Theanne! Yeah, I'm pretty much outta here as well. Hard to believe Baron is 10, it was a fast 10 years wasn't it?
    Um, did you do the actual painting on photo paper? I had given that a thought or two, myself, when I was painting, but never did try it.
    Spring is here, April is such a pretty month.
    Take care now,

  2. Hi Theanne, it's always such a pleasure to see your art I feel so sad that I might not see it much anymore. I would have loved to have one of your incroyable works to frame and hang. You have to do what is right for you, there's no way I could do more than one blog, although I do contribute, not very often, to The World in Black and White. How are you these days and how are all your gorgeous family ? Baron is the sweetest 10 year old 💙