Friday, November 2, 2018


that's the year I created my very first online (AOL) website...I still miss the AOL man (Elwood Edwards) who'd say, "You've Got Mail," when I signed in.  AOL was great, they had tutorials for learning how to use 'html,' which enabled me to create my own pages.  No WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get) back then, most web sites were either created by individuals or professionals who coded each and every page using HTML.  Now it's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which according to what I read when it first started being used was meant to be easier, I never found it to be so.  I never tried coding with CSS, I just went straight to WYSIWYG and blogs. 

Way back it was good times though, times of innocence and learning and meeting folks from all over the world.  Surprisingly enough I still maintain contact with some of those I've met over the years, but I've lost contact with many, many more.   The biggest issue that caused folks to desert the web, early on, was with copyrights.  And sadly, it's still an issue.  Just today I saw where someone on Twitter had their artwork stolen.

20 years and I've had so many websites and so many blogs that I'm no longer able to remember who with or what the names were.  I've probably had this one the longest, however, it started out with a different name (or more likely a succession of names).  I've grown rather fond of  "yaya snaps" and the header, which came from a photo I took quite a while back at the "Hair Jungle."  The Hair Jungle was a beauty salon, it no longer exists and the man who owned it and styled my hair for several years is deceased.  

Life on the Internet and every day life are changing every second.

Photos are from the "Hair Jungle," which was so much more than a was an EXPERIENCE!!!

Happy Saturday from, Theanne and Baron

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  1. You lost me at HTML Theanne 😀 only kidding 😉 but I am pretty much a technophobe. Gosh you have been blogging one way or another for ages.. it really is an excellent way to show your amazing art. I love the name Yaya Snaps somehow it suits. I know for a fact that I couldn't manage two full time blogs as some do.. sometimes it's hard enough to keep this one, hopefully, entertaining ☺ Big hugs for yourself and Baron xox

    1. Great to hear from you Grace...Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!